5 Best Video Games for Kids

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Looking for the best video games for kids? Like most kids nowadays, your child probably loves to play video games. They’re great for fun and entertainment and it can easily keep kids occupied for hours. However, most parents are still concerned as to how video games might influence them and their child might not develop some of their skills due to just sitting and playing video games for hours.

This is somehow true however, there are still a lot of video games which require both creativity and imagination. Here are 5 best video games for kids that will help your child to develop their creativity skills and imagination.

1. The Sims 3 (PC)

This is one of the most successful video games in this modern generation because it gives people the chance to control a person’s or a family’s life in the video game in a realistic way. This is already the 3rd installment of the Sims franchise and it is better and bigger than ever. The creativity potential of this video game is considered as limitless and whether your child loves designing, creating or is socially minded, then this game is great for them.

In Sims 3, the players will take control of a family that can be created through their own preferences. The player can control each member of the family and carry them from one generation to another. The player will get to decide if a member of the family will get married and have kids or just live alone. There are also other features such as getting a job, kids going to school, building and designing the family’s house, talking with other people in the game and more.

2. SimCity 4 (PC)

This video game is made by the same company that created the Sims franchise. However, the SimCity franchise has been in the video game industry longer and is known to be one of the greatest games today. Just like the Sims franchise, it also has a limitless creative potential and this video game focuses on creating and managing a city.

In this video game, the player will be the mayor and he or she will be controlling all the areas of the city. The player will be managing the city’s finances, planning on what to build and where to build it and many more. This simply means taking responsibility in running a simulated city. When your child plays with this, they will be using their mind on how to build a great city and budget the money given by the game.

3. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (PC)

This is quite similar to the SimCity games but the difference is, the player will be managing a theme park. The fun and entertainment is focused on the roller coasters and creating as many vertical drops and loops as the player likes. Building a theme park requires budgeting and planning which is also the game’s educational side.

4. LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3)

This is a platform game and is one of the most popular games which are available for the PS3 gaming console. Even though it is played similarly as simple games such as Super Mario, the amazing part of the game is that it has a custom level designing feature. With this feature, the player will have the chance to create any kind of level which will let your child to explore his or her imagination.

5. Championship Manager

In this game, the player will be placed in the position of the soccer team manager. The series of this game has been quite popular for several years now. Playing this game requires strategy and money management. Therefore, this is definitely another game that can educate your child with these aspects and makes it one of the best video games for kids.

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