10 essential accessories

Finding the balance between excess and lack of male accessories is key.

There is an intermediate point between the look of Ernesto Valverde’s professor of Quantum Physics , the sobriety of Walter White (from ‘Breaking Bad’) in his shirt and shorts, and those other churrigueresque outfits of deep horror vacui. These are the 10 men’s accessories that should not be missing in your wardrobe, and that you must know how to combine.


Tie 2020

Perhaps it is the most common and reviled male complement in history. With more than 100 years of life, the tie has been a symbol of power and rejection, although it has never disappeared as the icing on the cake of formality.


Bag 2020

Are you tired of leaving your mobile, your wallet, your keys, your sunglasses? In these times when you need to leave home with five chargers, two computers and even a power generator, it is time for you to get a bag . If you are skeptical you can always choose one with a more classic look .


A keychain, like a CIA investigator, can say a lot about you. For example, the one you carry says you shop at the Arganzuela butcher. Or that other one, that your Aunt Pura was in Benidorm and since then you have not bothered to change it. With a sober keychain you will always hit the target.


“Suit up! “. Mike Ross and Harvey Specter’s war cry has arrived in your closet, so you urgently need cufflinks. They are inversely proportional in size to their importance in a suit. King Louis XIV ostentatiously collected them. You at least have to have a pair. As Sinatra said: cufflinks always look good.


A GQ man should never leave home without carefully studying what is in his pockets. You can smoke or not smoke, or only smoke sporadically when you party. But you can’t leave home without a lighter. The lighter is the key that will open the doors of conversations … and who knows if any more.


They are, along with the clock, the stars of accessories. Essential to complete your look on a sunny day, and especially on a sunny hangover day. The sunglasses will complement and protect. General MacArthur snapped his famous “I’m leaving but I’ll be back” phrase tucked under aviator-type ones. Each brand has its sentimental, erotic, political, cultural and cinematographic history. Oh, if the sunglasses spoke …


It seems like a minor complement, but it does. And a lot. Its purpose is to avoid that nonsense that lights up the neck of your shirt when it falls down giving a neglected look sensation. Remember to remove them when you go to wash your shirt. Many washing machine technicians make a living from lime and whales.

Tie clip

Decorative and practical. It is important to be discreet. If you choose a pin with ornaments, they should not be the size of the Austrias shield. Less is more.

Graphic style

You never know when you will need to stamp your signature on a document or write down some relevant information on a napkin in a bar. All the good stories were born on bar napkins, between grooves of coffee and grease. For example, that’s how Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Some Good Men’ script was born. And you will think, why do I need a pen in the middle of 2019 if I already have a smartphone and tablet? That 5% battery you have left is the reason. Well, already 4%.


Here is the other link of good taste. The watch does not have to be striking , it just needs to be a reflection of your personality, that is, it must be elegant. Make sure it is not sand. With that I am always late for work.

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