In the history of fashion many things have been modified, but others have endured winds and tides and have been inserted in the way of dressing thousands of men as a kind of seal that represents part of the personality of the person who uses it.


We talk about clothing accessories. The accessories allow each man to create his own message through what he wears and how he wears it.


With the passage of time and as we take concrete social roles in different areas of daily life, we discover how we dress more comfortably and what are the limits or rules that we must include in the day-to-day to transit our daily spaces.

In this way we will begin to realize that there are accessories that, in addition to giving us greater comfort, become a way to better represent what we are and do.

Some of the accessories that we recommend to give that personal touch to your look are:

Ties: the easiest way to give that touch of elegance to your look. Silk, cotton, woven, smooth, striped, with flowers, etc. And in thousands of colors, there will always be one that complements your look perfectly. If you do not know how to combine them with your shirt, see this post.

Humitas: today they are not only an accessory, but a central element of style in many men who have decided to use this garment as much as the classic tie. They undoubtedly offer a very individual style to those who use it, and the number of models and fabrics in which they are made allow them to have options for formal and informal occasions at any time of the day.

Suspenders: they allow you to give it an elegant touch and it can be combined not only for formal situations, but it can shape your daily routine. Suspenders speak of a different way to enjoy the routine, to take comfort in any of the social spaces. The easiest to combine are the black ones but there are also colored suspenders to give a more daring touch to your outfit.

Belts: They are part of the basic elements of men’s clothing, adding a different imprint through variants ranging from leather, to the fabric of hard fibers and with different structures that incorporate embroidery and prints. Each model incorporates a different view to the final result of the combination of the garments, making something typical and classic an excellent way to personalize our daily image.

Scarves and scarves: they are one of the accessories that provides the most versatility to men’s clothing thanks to their patterns and color. This is a complement that always brings casual distinction to a formal look, and adds the necessary dose of elegance to casual looks.

All accessories, from shoes, through ties and scarves are the best way to give our look a personal image that identifies us.

If you still do not dare, we advise you to start with accessories in more neutral colors such as black, navy or beige, which are easier to combine and gradually go for options with more color.

And you, what accessories do you use to personalize your outfit?

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