5 gems to show love

Gems or crystals in many ancient cultures of the world have been used as amulets of power, harmony, wisdom and healing. Many of these stones are associated with the search for erotic and true love and its protection, in the case of those who have already found it.

There are numerous stones considered protective of love and marital unions, which is why they are used as astrological earrings and also to appease certain planets, which can affect a person in the field of couple relationships, love and home life.

These stones and crystals are also used as a gift between the couple, to propose marriage and as an offering of love and devotion for deities.

We detail the main 5 stones or gems that can be used to strengthen, prolong and protect love, so they can be a beautiful talisman gift to surprise your partner on this February 14.


This valuable crystal belongs to the corundum family, just like sapphire, with which it is distinguished only by color.

Ruby is bright red, while pinkish or purple crystals

Ruby is bright red, while pinkish or purple crystals are called sapphires.

This stone is highly prized and Indian, where talisman, astrological pendant or gifts are used as a symbol of love and friendship.

It is also used to open the heart and make joy last; and strengthen health and immunity.

It can be found mainly in Australia, India, Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Rose quartz

Quartz is the most common mineral in the Earth’s crust and is present in a large number of rocks.

Rose quartz

There are several varieties, including white, transparent, pink, reddish and black tones, among others. The pink color is due to the presence of manganese and titanium.

Rose quartz is known as the “love stone” because it has the property of protecting love and brings peace and calm to relationships. It allows to calm anxiety and jealousy, in addition to resentments in the couple.

It is also an excellent talisman to heal emotional wounds, dispel negativity and restore harmony after a love conflict. It is also said to promote appreciation of art, music, and literature.

It can be found in many countries, but there is a very good production in Brazil, Colombia, India, the United States, Kenya and Sri Lanka.


Diamond is known for being the most beautiful stone on the planet. It is a precious stone composed of crystallized pure carbon.

Diamond - hardest natural material

It is the hardest natural material known so far, so it is symbolically associated with permanence, perfection, triumph, firmness and uprightness.

Geological history indicates that it was first known and mined in India, many centuries ago, where it has been known for at least 3,000 years.

Ancestral it was treasured as a gem for religious use and was also used for engraving.

The diamond is said to raise all physical energy to a higher level, combining the properties of other stones and amplifying the healing power of all of them.

It can be found in South Africa, Zaire, India, Brazil, Canada, Siberia, and Australia.


Agate is a variety of chalcedony, translucent, similar to quartz, consisting of parallel bands of multiple colors.

Agate is a variety of chalcedony, translucent, similar to quartz

This stone attracts good luck in love and passions and has great power to balance the nervous system. It also favors introspection, so it is highly recommended for meditation. It is also a stone associated with creativity and communication.

It is found in many countries, but Brazil, Uruguay and India are large suppliers.


Gold, the most precious metal in Indian culture, is used to mint coins, as a symbol of power: and in jewelry, with hundreds of thousands of different designs.

Gold, the most precious metal

It is a symbol of purity, elegance, courage and royalty. It is used in numerous cultures as a symbol of marital union, due to its great permanence in time, without suffering greater wear and tear, so at the same time it is a metaphor for the commitment that this union of love will last for a lifetime.

On Valentine’s Day, receiving a gold jewel is synonymous with a deep and serious love, that the person wants to commit himself as permanently, as that ornament lasts.

In India there is a true adoration of gold, so much so that a bizarre and famous Bollywood music director, Bappi Lahiri, also known as “Bling Bling Bappi”, who claims that his numerous gold ornaments bring him closer to God.

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