handmade jewelery 2020

The pieces of handmade jewelry have a value of their own that is difficult to match, since they are handmade. Something that obviously adds originality and value to each of its products, because in this way you guarantee that no one else can have an identical design. This makes them have a more massive claim every day and that many people try to acquire them. For this reason, brands such as Marma Joyas have turned to the production of this type of artisan jewelry.


Jewelry is one of the most personal accessories for a woman. And it is that they are a very strong identity element, in addition to an excellent detail for you the outfits we use every day. They help define the personal style of the people who wear them, and complete different looks for different occasions.

handmade woman jewelry

For reasons like these, personalized, handmade and unique products are so well received, because they perfectly assume the need for individuality that these elements have.

These would be some of its main characteristics:

  • Find the best model for you . One of the most particular characteristics of these jewels is that they seem to have been designed exclusively for you. Sometimes that connection is made between the person and the product, as long as it is so personalized and cared for. And precisely from there an excellent symbiosis between both parties is born, which feed back.
  • Personality and taste . It is clear that the type of person you are is going to influence in a certain way what you are looking for. Positive people always tend to be more cheerful or bright. This can be extrapolated to all elements of fashion, including jewelry. In this case, jewelry is also a very personal item. Those pieces that are handmade have a series of particular properties that make different types of women notice them.


Personalized jewelry arouses attention, especially, for a type of woman who wants handmade pieces. They are usually worn by women with more casual styles, or who seek, above all, to offer a much more personal and unique look . They are the main stakeholders in this type of products.

Personalized jewelry
Personalized jewelry

Keep in mind that making these jewels in a personal way makes each one a unique element, which becomes its main charm. Precisely for this reason, many women are attracted to this type of products, who work a different exclusivity model, directly related to offering something very particular and special and not necessarily found in the economic sector of luxury jewelry.

Design, material, craftsmanship and the personality of the woman who wears it, make this type of jewelry an increasingly demanded and sought-after product by all types of women.

handmade jewelry - Design, material, craftsmanship

The personality and charisma of these jewels, which usually have a more casual design, give an extra touch of personality to the women who wear it, since they say a lot about them and about their own style, independent, elegant and unique.

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