How to make wire rings

Rings helps our hands look better and more elegant

The rings are an accessory that not only helps our hands look better and more elegant, may also have a more important meaning for us, either stone or gem bearing, thus representing his figure or who we has given away, but with our  ring tutorials you can add extra meaning, since they will be handmade rings created by yourself.

Creating different styles of rings and making them in a unique way is possible through wire jewelry, this technique to create pieces of jewelry is very accessible and very practical, with our tutorial videos of rings you can get all the information step by step to create different styles of rings and learn to develop this type of work, so that later you can experiment with new designs and styles, adding the combinations that you like.

Making wire rings is extremely entertaining and a great way to spend the weekend or earn an income. This technique can be done in various ways to get beautiful rings to wear or sell.

Wire rings can be combined with other techniques . You can set stones, jewelry pieces and glass or metal beads on them so that your designs are, in addition to being beautiful, exclusive.

How to make wire wrapped rings?

Making rings with wire is a simple craft , but everything will depend on your skill and the practice you have to create beautiful and well-finished pieces.

How to make wire wrapped rings

The main thing is to get good materials . There are many types of wire on the market, but it is recommended, to get started in ring making, start with aluminum wires.

Aluminum is a strong and highly malleable metal, as well as being very cheap. The thickness you are going to use will depend on your taste, but it is advisable to use 1 millimeter thick wire for your first jobs.

You can also use copper or silver wire , but you will have to be very careful with them because they rust and lose shine.

Wire rings can be made simply by winding them, but they will be much more beautiful if you add beads or some kind of bead to them. If you use beads of about 8 millimeters in diameter you will get good models.

You will need some tools like pliers to turn and cut the wire exactly to the size you need.

If you can’t think of any special way to start making wire rings, you can find tons of videos online. In principle, look for simple models, which only require wrapping around the finger to make them.

If you consider it necessary, you can use some contact cement , with instant bonding, that can fix the beads or act as a crimp with a bead.

On the market you can find so-called ring gauges , which will help you to determine quite accurately the suitable size of your rings made of wire.

There are several models, but the most widely used by wire fencers is the tapered metal bar. The larger numbering is at the base of the cone and as the bar is tuned, the numbering decreases.

You can also find ring gauges that are made up of rings of all sizes, linked by a ring with a clasp.

Using a ring gauge is recommended as this ensures that your production of wire rings will be homogeneous and of quality.

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