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Five types of jewelry that every man can wear, I looked at this blog some time ago. For 2020, it has been shown that men’s jewelry is the rule rather than the exception. However, it is certainly not the point that you hang through everyday life like a Christmas tree. Then don’t look so good.

Less is more – this applies once again, this year too. There are three jewelry trends for the modern man this year, which know how to polarize and upgrade their own outfit. There is no mention of classic jewelry such as wristwatches, tie pins, cufflinks and the signet ring. But just have a look yourself. You can find out how to take care of it properly in this article.

Personalized bracelets

In addition to wristwatches, bracelets are the accessories that I would most likely wear in everyday life. By using different materials and styles, there is a suitable piece for every taste. Whether it is made of leather, wool, stainless steel or another metal, you can wear the bracelet you like.

Personalized bracelets men

In 2020, it is therefore not surprising that bracelets are also among the most popular jewelry trends. However, not the simple leather bracelet, which consists of nothing more than a leather strip that is wrapped two or three times around the wrist. It can be a little more sophisticated.

Metal is the material of the hour, minimalistic, to the point – not chunky and intrusive, but rather subtle. Colored with gold or silver, always provided with a personal touch. The bracelets do not necessarily have to be personalized with the mother-in-law’s birthday, it is more likely that your favorite quote will be engraved. Or the coordinates with which you connect a specific moment. Everything is possible as long as it means something to yourself.

Much more than just leather bracelets

leather bracelets 2020

Let us take up again a material that I excluded from the previously mentioned jewelry trend, or which I have put a little bit in its place: leather. It is not the top position for bracelets this year. But don’t worry, you can’t just use it for bracelets. Leather is an extremely versatile material that knows how to convince thanks to its different structure, color, etc.

Leather can be used for chains, rings and practical accessories such as key rings. 

Depending on the outfit, you can color-match the respective leather piece of jewelry and skilfully round off the appearance of your own look.

Personally, I would make sure that you don’t overdo it with leather accessories: chain, bracelet and ring are too much of a good thing, especially if you also wear a leather jacket. Then rather just a subtle ring, which knows how to convince with its quality and design. Is certainly not worn as often as, for example, one made of precious metal.

No swanky necklaces

Rather a counter trend than a trend is that swanky, chunky necklaces are anything but hip in 2020. Delicate, delicate chains limited to the essentials will be enough in 2020 Pendants or striking decorations are not a must. It can be clearly seen here that the trend is moving away from deliberately striking chains to masculine, modern necklaces.

necklaces for men

Multi-colored designs, heavy pendants and chunky chains are definitely not worn in 2020. Less is more – this can also be seen in necklaces. Which in their minimalist form can give your own appearance that certain something. Do you know of any other jewelry trend that we shouldn’t forget in 2020?

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