Pearl jewelry

Absolutely worth seeing are trends in jewelry that can make you the shining center in 2020. Jewelry is not just an accessory for every woman and man, but a piece of jewelry that is indispensable today and, above all, enhances every outfit. Which jewelry trends should you definitely not miss in 2020?

The highest demands in terms of jewelry – trends 2020

The highest demands in terms of jewelry - trends 2020

The trend in 2020 when it comes to jewelry is guaranteed to provide enough variety for all jewelry lovers. There is something for every taste and style, in a wide variety of colors, such as silver and gold.

Do you often find yourself standing in front of the jewelry display case and not being able to make a decision due to the large selection of chains, rings and bracelets? The jewelry trends 2020 make it easier for you to decide which earring or bracelet you can wear in the future.

Pearl jewelry: A classic of the jewelry world is making its big comeback

Pearl jewelry

Pearl is a trend of all kinds. Pearl jewelry was otherwise always considered very elegant and, if possible, was only worn in combination with a dress, but in 2020 the pearl will be presented as a chain, ring or earring , ideally in combination with sparkling stones.

The pearl mix is already very popular on the Paris Catwalk and is being shown in cheeky and sporty fashion trends. The trend has lost its old-fashioned reputation and is absolutely a trend in 2020 and, above all, perfect to wear with every fashion. A bracelet made of spherical beads in different sizes is particularly outstanding, ideally combined with a matching chain.

Statement pieces ensure a glamorous appearance in 2020!

Statement earrings are and will remain THE trend jewelry, even in 2020. But what kind of jewelry is that anyway? The earring is a bling-bling piece of jewelry, the more striking and the longer it is, the better. The earring varies from classic design with sparkling, trendy leather and PVC earrings to colorful designs with flowers.

A rising trend

Big hoops are the best example for getting into the trend of statement earrings. Fine hoops with twisted details add variety to your styling. Made of stainless steel, silver or gold, the earring is best worn in XXL . The jewelry is best worn with a subtle outfit. Whether spring, summer or in the cold season, this accessory is a must-have in your jewelry box.

Expensive jewelry trend 2020: lots of gold on the ears, hands and on the cleavage, please!

No matter what season or what look, whether fashion jewelry or real jewelry, the material should be made of gold when it comes to the 2020 jewelry trend. In 2020, eye-catching gold jewelry in every style will dominate the international catwalks. The jewelry ranges from oversized gold earrings, if possible over many layers, bracelets and necklaces, to stacked statement rings.

Regardless of the type of jewelry, the 2020 jewelry trend is: stack and stack. It is best to do this in one color in different patterns. The golden trend can also be perfectly combined with any type of fashion.

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