There are trends in Jewelry that awaken ‘found’ passions and that manage to add almost as many followers as detractors. That is the case of the jewelry called ‘Steampunk’, a style on the rise with various representatives between Europe and the United States, which is defined by the use of old timepieces that give shape to jewels with a certain industrial air of the late XIX.

I suppose we will have to keep hearing that everything is invented in jewelry, I imagine that the defenders of this fossilized theory fear being rescued from the cellars of time and it is from there, from the past time, that this surprising current that grows in importance is nurtured and creativity in the last decades.

steampunk jewelry

For it is the past, represented by the clocks and their mechanisms, one of the signs most used by the apostles of the Steampunk movement. The word steam means steam and it is there at the height of the industrial revolution, in the middle of the Victorian era, and with steam as the main and revolutionary source of energy where many of its creators are inspired.

Many steampunk jewels are assemblies of machines, mechanisms of other artifacts, with their gears, axes and needles, obsessed with time, or rather, with the mixtures of times, of historical and mechanical times they build complex and imaginative jewels, many of them recycled, looking for new forms loaded with symbology.

Where to buy jewelers for a steampunker?

Surely you were looking for steampunk-style jewelry boxes and boxes, but these things are not found as well, much less in any shopping center. We know this from experience.

That’s what online stores are for, a place to buy a steampunk-style jewelry box and / or any of the many other things that are part of the aesthetics of your favorite science fiction genre. All this gathered in a more than careful selection for you.


From Menorca, goldsmith, audiovisual media technician, and a powerful creative who overflows imagination in all his works. The pieces from his 2013 MeKanicks Temps ConTeynerhs series are made of 925 silver, enamel and MYDURR (Recycled and Reused Urban Materials and Waste).


This designer is a computer engineer, but her passion is steampunk jewelry. From Bulgaria she develops pieces full of imagination using old clocks and small elements that she incorporates into her creations.


Coming from Melbourne, Australia, they highlight their works based on mythology, developing pieces of art to be showcased by their clients. Very aware of animal abuse, she is an active member of the “cruelty free jewelry” movement.


Sue Beatrice is from Pennsylvania, USA, I was impressed by her expertise in making these sculptural jewels / watches, surprising in their complexity and elegance. Sue is a sculptor for the Franklin Mint and has clients like Disney, Warner, and Pixar on her agenda.

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